Chairman's retiring jottings.

I am pleased to introduce Clare Newton as our new chairman, I'm sure she'll lead the committee admirably and it's always good to have a fresh face. Not that I haven't enjoyed the role and been extremely grateful for all the support I've received both from the committee, music directors, members, Music World for ticket sales and contacts at our various venues. I thank you all.

Our end of season concert in May 2012 was held at St. Andrew's Church Rushmere - a venue chosen for the facilities of good acoustics in the church, large church hall and attached garden allowing us to offer a post-concert supper provided by the choir members. The church gave us a special deal as this was a charity concert.

The choir sang items to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee, and there were solos from our Music Director Christopher Borrett accompanied by his wife, Alice, and some exquisite piano solo playing from our accompanist Marina Korneva. The evening was very much enjoyed by the choir and audience alike added to which we raised 900 for Ipswich Holiday Help for Children, a worthwhile local charity.

Our work for this Autumn term is leading towards our Christmas concert of 'Carols from around Europe' and includes a piece from local musician and composer Nicholas Freestone so completing our 'circuit tour'. See home page of the web-site for details.Tickets will be from choir members or at Music World, Ipswich (see links) from Oct.29th 2012.

Plans ahead:

A performance of Mozart's Requiem at St. Mary-le-Tower, Ipswich, IP1 3BE, May 18th 2013 evening with full orchestra and professional soloists. Book the date in your diaries!

Olive Powell, ex-chairman.